Atlantic Provinces Labour Arbitrators' Available Dates

Arbdates provides ready access to information from participating labour arbitrators about the dates on which those arbitrators are available to conduct an arbitration or otherwise assist in the resolution of a dispute.

Click 'By Arbitrator' for a list of participating arbitrators. Click on a name on that list (or on a name on any of the other pages on this site), to show that arbitrator's contact information and a calendar showing that arbitrator's available dates during a period selected by that arbitrator. The date and time when the information on the calendar was last updated appears at the bottom of the calendar.

Click 'By Date' for a calendar showing dates in the next 39 full weeks on which one or more participating arbitrators are available. Click on a date in that calendar to bring up a list of participating arbitrators available on that date.

Click 'Matrix' for a spreadsheet-like view showing participating arbitrators and available dates in this month or any of the next 9 months.

The By Date and Matrix views only incorporate information that has been updated or confirmed within the last 15 days.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic some arbitrators may only be conducting hearings and mediations by video or telephone conference.

If you are seeking an “in person” hearing or mediation on an arbitrator's available date, you should discuss with that arbitrator whether s/he will conduct an “in person” hearing or mediation on that date.